Only You – White

Only You – White



单只玫瑰 – 唯一的爱


Cake Order FAQ:

1. Can I leave the cake in the room temperature? 我可以把蛋糕放室温吗?NO. The cake is made with whipping cream which requires refrigeration. Please turn on your car AC during transportation and then put the cake in the fridge as soon as you get home. 不行。我们的蛋糕是用淡奶油制作,需要冷藏。请在运输过程中打开空调,然后到家后马上放进冰箱。

2. How long can I keep the cake in the fridge? 蛋糕可以在冰箱中放多久?We make the cake 2-3 hours before the pick up. So literally the cake is very fresh when we hand it over to you. You may have it in the fridge for 2-3 days if the cake doesn’t have fresh fruit as filling which recommended to be consumed within one day.我们一般是在取货前2-3小时制作蛋糕,所以当我们把蛋糕送到你手上的时候蛋糕是非常新鲜的。如果没有鲜果做内馅的蛋糕可以在冰箱中存放2-3天,是鲜果的话最好当天食用完毕。

3. Can you wait for me after 5pm your closing time? 你们可以在5点下班之后等我来取蛋糕吗?YES, we can. The latest time for pick up is 5:30pm.可以的,最晚取蛋糕时间是5点半。

4. Can I get refund if I don’t want the cake after the order is placed? 如果在下单后想取消可以吗?YES. We understand that unexpected things happen all the time. Please give us a call @2368585545. The cutoff time for cancellation is 9am on the pick up date. 可以的,我们非常理解经常会有突发事件发生。请给我们打电话2368585545如果你想取消订单。截止时间为取货当天上午9点之前。

5. Why my cake looks a little bit different from the one on the website? 为什么我的蛋糕和官网上的看上去有点不一样?We try to make the cake looks like the one on the website. However sometimes the decoration items (cookies, chocolate and fruits etc.) are not available due to seasonality and availability. Please let us know if you don’t want to have particular items on the cake.我们尽量做的和官网上一样。但是有时蛋糕上的装饰物(饼干,巧克力和水果等)由于季节和货源问题无法取得,我们只能用替代物。请告诉我们特别不想要的装饰物品。

6.Do you offer delivery service? 你们提供配送服务吗?

Please contact us directly if you need delivery. 如果您有配送需求,请直接联系客服。