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About Daily Delicious

Back in the days when the owner of Daily Delicious travelled to Japan to pursue bakery training, he met with his instructor who was an honourable master baker in Japan. Till today, he still remembers what the master baker once said to him. “At the end of the day, everything comes down to one word – delicious. It’s that simple. The food has to be delicious no matter how you describe it.

That drives us from day one. Founded in April 2019, Daily Delicious is dedicated to making “delicious” bread. We only use natural ingredients to make bread. No chemicals or additives are added in any of our products. We apply a very time-consuming dough resting process just to ensure the final bread has a greater structure and more flavourful taste than regular store bought bread. 

Inspired by the trainings received all over the world, we aim to build up a cultural bridge that connects the east and west. Customers can find salted egg yolk croissant, butter croissant filled with taro cream, baguette with Masago butter sauce and etc – traditional French pastry/bread with Asian-inspired twist. 

Come and check out our delicious bread by yourself. You will have a unique tasting experience that you have never had before!

Voted No.1 Croissant

Voted No.1 in the 2020 Vancouver Foodster Croissant Challenge, Daily Delicious’ famous seafood shell takes traditional croissants to the next level – assorted seafood including snow crab meat, shrimp and salmon sitting on house-made mashed potatoes, are wrapped inside layers of flakey and buttery puff pastry. It’s a must-have for any seafood lover!

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